Saturday, 6 March 2010


Been here a year now and it's time to move on.

Our new address is Squeakysneaker over at Wordpress. Hopefully be posting more, inspired by the new look site. Hop on over and take a look.

Good bye, cruel Blogspot x

Monday, 1 March 2010

Friday, 26 February 2010

I Had A Dream

I'm driving along a coastal road, LA or Miami maybe. I'm in a Ferrari Testarossa, probably red. I'm wearing a pastel coloured flannel shirt, which is likely to be pink, maybe lavender. The setting sun is reflecting off the RB Aviators and I seem to have put blonde streaks in my hair. Are my trousers white? Deck shoes? Fuck what do I look like?

Fear of Tigers has featured a couple of times already on SS and I keep coming back to him, mainly 'cause he's brilliant. He lovingly wraps his tunes in synth and padded, squelchy, beats and yeah, it reminds me of the 80's, this much synthesiser has to, but I never liked the 80's that much, musically or sartorially. It's not nostalgia that draws me to FOT, it's the positivity in his music. It makes you feel like you're driving the flash car along the cliff top as the sun goes down. It's like opening the curtains on a sun soaked morning, hearing the birds chattering. It makes you feel better.

And his album was free...

Get on to him and tell him you love him. I told him on Twitter, but he hasn't replied...

This remix of Yes Giantess ' Ruins ' is top. Give it a listen. Then listen again and again...and again. It goes all Laura Brannigan 'Gloria' at about 2.45 then he just lets you have it.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Don't Get Paranoid With Me

Today I attended a potatoe fair ( purchased Yukon Gold and Picasso, if you were wondering) and went hunting for fossils on Wenlock Edge. Some bright spark had used the best fossil yeilding rocks to build a wall, so of course now there isn't much wall left. Found some good amonites, if you were wondering.

Also listened to a tape...

This was on it.

That was my day...

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

That's Poppers O'Clock Then

The build in this is properly monster


Sunday, 14 February 2010

When I bought my first tonne of wood, back in September, I thought that was a lot of wood. Four more tonnes later and I realise that it's not. I'm obsessed with wood (never thought I'd write that). Everywhere I go I'm constantly thinking 'ooh that would burn well' whenever I see a fallen branch or long stick. I can be found, staring at a pile of timber, working out in my head how I can get it home. I've travelled miles for it, through inches of snow. I have pallets delivered to the house and when I saw council workers lopping branches outside my house, it may aswell have been a naked contortionist troupe, the way I reacted. Wood is good (whole other meaning for any Yanks that might be reading this).

It's down to the cold and the fact that we've had a bloody cold winter. Out here, on the edge, it gets really really cold. There's no neighbouring houses, seeping warmth for a start. It's cosey in suburbia, or in a terrace. Loads of residual heat floating about. In the sticks, you've got to make your own heat. Hence the obsession with wood of any kind. Cold stone floors sting like they're hot first thing in the morning and after five months of winter the cold is in your bones and you feel like you'll never get warm again. I've never really noticed heating before, it's just a switch and something to do with a boiler. It's a lot more immediate when it involves hacking stuff up before you can feel warm.

That said - I've got a big fucking axe, so that's a plus

Friday, 12 February 2010

We Are Actually At A Rave...

If you're young you won't remember The Hitman and Her (and if you ever went out on a Saturday night, you won't have seen it), Michaela Strachan and Pete Waterman filming late night shows from actual clubs. The show ran from 1988 to 1992, which is amazing really when you consider it just featured groups of pissed people dancing badly in clubs. Take That appeared on one show, also Kylie and Guru 'Bloody' Josh. Until 1992 they usually filmed in cheesy clubs in Bradford or Blackpool, where the people got hammered on Bacardi and Coke and danced around their bags. Clubs and clubbing were changing around them though. Rave was really taking off in the clubs, as were pills (twenty five quid a pop, but they'd last for hours), suddenly this whole Pete and Michaela in da club stuff didn't seem such a good idea. Suddenly it looked naive, aswell as naff.

I really wish they'd revisit this idea now. On ITV. After Extreme Cops With Guns and Dogs on The Streets At War